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and Bistro Guillaume - Crown Perth

Bistro Guillaume - Crown Perth

The 14th of December was a very special day for my plus one and I. it was our 5th anniversary. But our friends wedding was that night, so we put off our dinner for Sunday the 15th. Since I have been studying French all year we wanted to go to a French restaurant, but most are closed Sunday nights. After speaking to a few friends, Bistro Guillaume was recommended to us. After checking out the menu online, we decided it would be a fantastic spot of our anniversary dinner.

Our first stop, however, was not at the restaurant, but at a champagne bar which is also located in the lobby of the Crown Perth, La Vie. We turned up early especially for the cocktails while we waited for our booking.

We sat out in the lobby relaxing with our cocktails. I would have preferred to be inside, but I am not very good at insisting on things like that. They put me on that table and I regretted not asking to go inside. I don't particularly like watching people walk past in thongs and swim suits while I am dressed up nicely at a fancy Champagne Bar. So that was a major downside of the place. From what I saw, the rest of the bar looked very nice. I will have to be a little braver next time and ask to be seated inside.

I has a St Lubiano for $22. It's made from St Germain Elderflower, Laird’s Applejack, whisky bitters finished with sparkling wine. My plus one had a Lait Night for $20. It's Laird’s Applejack, Massenez Crème de Pomme Verte, milk, cream, vanilla and nutmeg.

After our drink we headed into Bistro Guillaume and were sat at the window over looking the pool.

It was a gorgeous view as the sunset in front of us. As we looked over our menus bread was placed in front of us with salt and butter. The food menus were our place mats. While we made up our mind about what to eat, we ordered a cocktail each. 

Our cocktails.

For the life of me I can not remember what they were nor can I find any cocktail menu on the internet for the restaurant. Mine at least was a fruity martini of sorts. It was very sweet and lolly-ish. I have no idea what his was but it was just as great.

We ordered our entrees and mains as we sat there sipping our cocktails.

Mine: Onion soup $18.

His: Char-grilled Shark Bay Prawns with eggplant caviar and chermoula $33.

More cocktails. This time an appletini and a pink Cadillac.

His main: Barramundi fillet on a bed of carrot and ginger purée,
coriander butter and pommes allumettes $38.

My main: Berkshire Pork belly with pickled
cabbage and apple salad $37.

Sides: Paris Mash $9.

Sides: Crispy confit of potatoes with bacon, garlic and parsley $12.

More cocktails. My drink was a whiskey based cocktail that I didn't
 really like called a 'Spice it up' and his was a mocktail.

My onion soup was fantastic. It was pure heaven. It was deliciously rich and perfectly sweet. I have always wanted to try a proper onion soup and I am glad I ordered it. Since I don't eat seafood I can't really comment on the prawns or the fish, and since we don't eat seafood at home, my plus one loves to order it when we are out. But from my plus ones face and comments, he adored both his main and entree. I tried a little bit of the sauce from both of them and liked what I tried. My pork belly was fantastic as well. It was a boiled pork belly, so the skin wasn't really crispy but wasn't soft and slimy either. It was easy to eat and I loved every bite.

The Paris mash was the creamiest and smoothest potato mash I have ever had. I can just imagine how much butter and cream was added to it. The roast potatoes were also divine and a great contrast to the other potato dish.

Now it was on to dessert.

Mine: Chocolate soufflé with cherry ripple ice cream $22.

His: Apple tarte Tatin with cinnamon ice cream $22

The waiter placed my souffle in front of me with the ice cream sitting on a spoon. Then he picked it up and dropped it in to the center of my dish and I watched as it slowly sunk downwards as the heat of the souffle melted it though. This was the first souffle that I have had at a restaurant and I highly recommended it. It was soft and luxurious and heaven at every bite. The tarte Tatin was also spectacular. It had a wonderful syrupy texture and was perfectly caramelised. The ice cream was also a perfect match for it. 

My plus one felt a little bad about me not liking my last cocktail, since he kinda talked me into it. He didn't want my last cocktail to be one I didn't like so encouraged me again, this time for a new cocktail and one more dessert to share to leave on a better note.

Toblerone cocktail.

Fresh strawberry and rose macaron to share.

I was delighted with the macaron. It was bigger than my palm and a perfect sweet treat to finish the night.

Christmas decoration in the lobby.

Well the night wasn't quite finished. We were both so full that we went for a little wander around the casino to look at the finished renovations. The Crown has definitely lifted it's game since it took over the hotel complex. It is becoming a far nicer place to visit than ever before and the Bistro was a fantastic place to celebrate our special occasion. It is a little out of my price range to go to for anything other the an anniversary sized event but that makes it that little bit more special for us.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle. 

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