Sunday, 24 November 2013

and if all I had left was 308

Days 295-308

I can't believe it's now November and I have passed the 300 day mark. Christmas is on its way, as well as the holidays and new years. I keep reflecting how far I have come this year. Quite a few things have happened and oh so much more is planned before the year is out!

Day 295:

Nothing can beat old fashioned roses for sent. 
I picked this one on the way back to my car after French class.

Day 296:

I stumbled across an old mixed CD I made. I couldn't get it to play unfortunately.

Day 297:

My dream is to one day have a cute cottage garden with an arbour.

Day 298:

Half way through making a Chocolate Strawberry silk pie.

Day 299:

Isabella at her birthday party. 

Day 300:

My bike dressed up for a Pink charity ride.

Day 301:
I had to buy shin pads for my kick boxing grading. 
I thought I try them out around the house first.

Day 302:

I love my garden when they late sun hits it and I love 
seeing bees on my flowers.

Day 303:

We were given a few tasty drink from my plus ones family.

Day 304:

It was Halloween and I made a small bowl of treat for trick or treaters.
I only had one visit from three girls.

Day 305:

Enjoying left over candy.

Day 306:

My first attempt at sewing a dress for one of my 30 before 30's.

Day 307:

I visited Parliament House for Open House Perth.

Day 308:

After over a year of kick boxing I have finally made blue belt. I am so ecstatic!

So there it is, another fortnight gone. Work is now busier than ever has we head towards Christmas so I am currently doing a lot of overtime. This is wearing me down about but it is definitely helping the Christmas present budget a fair bit.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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