Thursday, 3 October 2013

and with great knowledge comes 266

Days 253-266

OK, spring has been a little disappointing so far. Not only has it been raining most of the time we have also had a lot of storms and some really windy days. My plans for being outside more have been so far dashed, bar a few walks. To compensate I have been getting back into reading, which I really should do a lot more of. I keep buying more books but I am not reading fast enough to keep up.

Day 253:

The last of my fruit salad with vanilla yoghurt. 
I have been trying to make a fruit salad once
 a week to keep my deserts healthier.

Day 254:

A few weeks back I did some clay modelling with my niece. 
This little elephant tea pot was a bit too delicate so I needed to do some mending.

Day 255:

I remembered one of my favourite sandwiches from when I was little.
 All you need is toast, butter/margarine and sliced canned beetroot. Simple perfection!

Day 256:

After buying these shoes a month ago I have spent I finally 
found a bag to match. I think I did pretty good.

Day 257:

I spent the weekend down south for my sisters birthday. I stayed in a 
3 bedroom apartment with my mum for some extra luxury.

Day 258:

The view of the bay from my hotel balcony in the morning.

Day 259:

My sad little bookcase. All of my cook books are on display in the 
living room but there is no space for these ones. I think I 
need to buy a nice wooden case for the study. 
I struggled to fit my new purchases in

Day 260:

The best welcoming comity I could ever ask for.
She was waiting ever so patiently.

Day 261:

Another healthy dessert with a little naughty caramel
 sauce on top. Life is all about balance!

Day 262:

A late night trip to the airport to send my plus one off to Sydney for a few days.

Day 263:

I decided to try out a new idea, dinner in bed. Spaghetti bolognaise 
was probably not the best choice on cream sheets.

Day 264:

Home alone with some freshly cut flowers from my garden and some girly moves.

Day 265:

The cute tea cart my plus one brought back for me. A gift from his late grandmother.

Day 266:

I was given some sweet stationary from the Cancer Council in the mail.
 I love the floral pattern of the card standing up.

So that's it, another fortnight done and now less than 100 days left to the end of the year. It is scary how close Christmas is. I can't wait! My big holiday next year is also creeping up, which I am excited and nervous about.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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