Friday, 18 October 2013

and in loving memory of 280

Days 267-280

Days, weeks and fortnights seem to be tumbling by right now. The end of the year will soon be upon us and I am as busy as ever! As every day goes past, I am finding it harder and harder to think of something to take a photo of. I have a fairly constant routine during the week that it's rare to have something new to take a photo of ever day. So some subjects are starting to seem a little mundane. But here they are anyway!

Day 267:

This little cat didn't seem phase by my approach. He was rolling 
around enjoying himself and then sat there happily while I took his photo.

Day 268:

I often like to try new treats, even if I never intend to buy it ever again.
These Twisties were 'mite and cheese flavoured. Interesting.

Day 269:

We decided to grab take away for dinner. 
I store was recently renovated with funky lights.

Day 270:

I lovely sea of yellow.

Day 271:

Dougal came to the fence to see Dallas and I as we walked by.

Day 272:

An amazing high tea/degustation pot plant cake. 
A present for my birthday from a friend.

Day 273:

I am getting impatient for the mulberries to be ready! 
They are located in a park near my house and I walk Dallas past
 them and stop to check there progress..

Day 274:

A dull day but still tea will always make me feel better.

Day 275:

Finally spring seems to be with us!

Day 276:

I was out and about picking up my nephews 1st birthday presents. 
I stopped along the way to enjoy the view.

Day 277:

Trying out a new drink: Caramel Baileys. A prefect night cap.

Day 278:

Finally the day of my 10 year reunion had arrived. I travelled 
down early and I went and checked out my old high school. 
A fair bit had changed but it still looks beautiful.

Day 279:

I met up with my sister and her two boys and went to a kids
 festival with them. I waited by the beach and 
enjoyed another lovely view.

Day 280:

My first ever try of Ben & Jerry's. They have only just arrived in Australia.
 My plus one and I sat down and ate the whole thing in one go!

Just a quick story about my reunion. 

I was so terrified, I sat in my car for a few minutes trying to fix the buckle on my shoe. I was shaking so much that a simple task seemed so difficult. I walked in to the building and up the stairs. I walked into the function room and saw my friends in a group by the door. One of my old school friends turned around and said "Oh, she doesn't smile any more". At this point I almost burst into tears. My best friend grabbed me, gave me a hug and walked me out. I had to pause on the steps as my legs shook under me. We went out the front and she waited for me to calm down. I was hyperventilating and shaking. Which is completely, COMPLETELY pathetic of me. I was hoping for a grand entrance and I turned into a pathetic mess. I may be harsh on myself for reacting the way I did, but this is only because I know that nothing was wrong and that I basically talked myself into being scared. I told myself that I was going to be a mess, and I was! It took me a little while to breathe normally again and we rejoined the reunion. It took me a while to be comfortable again. But by the end of the night I was happily chatting away.

I was just being plain silly that's all. but, I turned up which is better than most. 

Well until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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