Tuesday, 26 February 2013

and we arrive at 56

Days 43-56

I can't believe it, another fortnight has come and gone. So here is another lot of photo's from my life.

Day 43:

Shrove Tuesday means pancakes for dinner.

Day 44:

Shopping for supplies for our Valentines dessert.

Day 45:

Our amazing chocolate fondue for dessert.

Day 46:

It was a gorgeous Friday evening so I took Dallas for a walk.

Day 47:

My gorgeous nephew, Arden. I traveled home to help my
sisters hold a garage sale.

Day 48:

My other gorgeous nephew, Arden's big brother, Coen.
Coen decided to entertain himself at the garage sale.

Day 49:

Another mild summers day, so I went for a walk in my lunch break.

Day 50:
I decided to pull out most of my dresses to help me decide what to wear on
Friday night for a girls night out.

Day 51:

I finally hung the display board I brought of Modcloth about a month before.

Day 52:

A storm was coming in. I snapped this picture of whats over our back fence.
You could hardly tell that the weather was turning bad.

Day 53:

Ladies night! Some friends and I headed to some cocktail bars in the city. 
We then finished at San Churro for some sweets.

Day 54:

We spent the evening at a friends house making and eating homemade pizzas.
This one was caramel and banana.

Day 55:

We headed to the local nursery and brought some more native plants for our front yard.

Day 56:

I was so happy to try out my new kickboxing gear.

I am almost 2 months in to this challenge and I am feeling pretty confidant that I am going to complete this challenge. I love going back through my photo's already and remembering how I have spent the first short part of the year. It is almost Autumn here so the days will be cooling down. Hopefully I will be getting out and about a bit more from now until winter.

Until next time.

Love, love Elle.

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  1. You have really cute nephews! I bet their mother is a stunner.


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