Monday, 11 February 2013

and Blackwall Reach

and on Sunday I jumped
Blackwall Reach

Blackwall Reach is a cliff on the Swan River, which is popular with rock climbers and cliff jumpers. A group of work mates organised to meet there on Sunday for a bit of extreme action. I was pretty timid about it and after I jumped and climbed back up again, I was shaking with adrenaline for quite a while. I waited for a bit before I jumped a second, and final time.


Swan dive

Back flip

There were lots of people jumping off where we were and along further. I never knew it was that popular. My plus one and some of our friends often go rock climbing there, but I never realised that the cliff jumping aspect was as popular. At another part of the cliff, some people had set up tripods with a video camera and a DSLR. They had also set up a bouncy castle pontoon thing in the water below. Their friends then jumped from the cliff and on to the pontoon, they then catapulted another friend, who was sitting on the edge of the pontoon into the air, and then the water.

Floating bouncy thing...

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER TIME NOW: Cliff jumping is dangerous. Please consider all of the dangers. Before I did it I searched the internet and found out that a person had actually died in 2006 from jumping off and hitting the water. He was attempting a back flip, slipped and hit the water at a bad angle, breaking his neck on entry. The depth below is however, quite deep and there are no submerged rocks. Surrounding the area there are signs put up saying, no diving. So again, if you chose to cliff jump, you are doing it at your own risk. Feet first is always the safest option, sans not jumping at all.

I have done it now, and I am not going to rush back anytime soon to try it again.

Afterwards we headed to one of the guys house for a barbecue. It was a terribly hot day yesterday and by 3 in the afternoon it must have been over 40deg C.  Well that was my extreme weekend. I hope everyone else had a great weekend and didn't suffer too much from the heat.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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