Thursday, 14 February 2013

and all the way to 42

Days 29-42

I am still going strong with my photo a day challenge. I have loaded a few onto my Facebook page the following day, but I still haven't missed a day. Some days I struggle to think what I  should take a photo of . I fear a few too many food photo's are slipping through.

Day 29:
My jewellery tree arrived from Modcloth. I set it up and did a mini jewellery purge.

Day 30:
Enjoying a nice cup of tea and some biscuits after 2 kickboxing classes, 
in my favourite mug.

Day 31:
Took my car through the car wash on the way to a boxing class. I love car washes.

Day 32:
Making Dulce de Leche for a cheesecake to take to a friends barbecue.

Day 33:
Playing with Stirling at the barbecue just after I woke him up.

Day 34:
I went shopping for some cute stationary for my French lessons. I love kikki. K.

Day 35:
My breakfast. Homemade Sourdough bread from my own starter with homemade
mandarin marmalade. I was feeling very domestic. 

Day 36:
A beautiful bouquet of flowers I brought for my Nanna who
had to spend a bit of time in hospital.

Day 37:
Relaxing after kickboxing with a book and a snuggle buddy.

Day 38:
I met up with some old friends and hit the street for a dinner ride.

Day 39:
Another Friday night push bike ride from Fremantle to the city. This photo is of
the arches inside the Fremantle train station.

Day 40:
Drinks with friends at the Queens. I love how deconstructed the old building is.

Day 41:
Sunday afternoon cliff jumping with work mates.

Day 42:
I love how Dallas is sticking her nose out from under the coffee table in this photo.
I was studying for French and enjoying a homemade pretzel baked
by my plus one.

Well it has been another busy fortnight and I am really enjoying capturing my days.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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