Friday, 21 December 2012

and a tree of glass

Christmas Tree

I have had my tree up for a while, but I am only now getting a chance to blog about it. Last year was the first year that I put up my own Christmas Tree. I would have loved to have one before this but some of my previous housemates had cats, and I was too afraid that they would destroy my tree. It wouldn't have been too much of an issue if I used plastic decorations but I wanted glass, so I waited until the house was cat free. I chose a smaller tree because I have a small house and I have it placed on my dining table. This shows that I don't use my dining table for what it is intended for very often.

Christmas tree

Little dove inside the bauble

Royal Doulton Heart

Lights on

Presents under the tree

As you can see it is pretty hard to photograph glass objects. I don't know my way around my DSLR enough to work with focus. I also haven't found a tree topper I like yet. I'd like to find something simple and modern. A lot of what I have come across is covered in glitter, which just isn't me. I'd love to have two trees, or even two sets of decorations for the one tree. Then I could have either a modern tree with lots of metal and glass, and a handmade tree with a Scandinavian feel.

Maybe one day.

I hope everyone else's tree is trim and pretty.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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