Monday, 31 December 2012

and looking back at 2012

2012 in review.

2012 has been good to me. I went on a few holidays, welcomed my second nephew into the world and passed the four year mark with my plus one. I also started blogging. Something I never really thought of doing before. Another big thing for me is starting my 30 before 30 quest. Which I am loving because it has allowed me to focus on some goals for the near future. Some are small and some are huge. I have only completed two. One being reading Pride and Prejudice. Which I loved and now have the complete set of Jane Austin (a Christmas present from the plus one). The second one was climbing Bluff Knoll. I hope to complete many more of these during the upcoming year. One in particular is the riding 100km in one day. So far I have reached 60km and we are planning to ride some more, increasing the distance everytime, and try the 100km when the weather is cooler, probably around March.

Meeting my new nephew for the first time.

Currently I am sitting at the computer looking through photos from a holiday I went on with my plus one, earlier in the year, to Sydney and Canberra. I am picking out the best to print out to go into a photo album. From that I will choose some of the best to go into a scrap book of my 20's as a part of another 30 before 30 goal. I had never been to Sydney before, although I ventured into New South Wales, to Deniliquin, in 2010 as a part of another holiday which included Adelaide, Victoria and Tasmania. We spent around 3 weeks driving in a big loop from Sydney, down to Woollongong, out to Canberra. We then traveled north to Cowra then to the beautiful Jenolan Caves where we stayed at the caves house. We then spent a couple of nights in the Blue Mountains in a holiday home at Blackheath. From here we traveled to the Central Coast then back to Sydney. Our first night back in Sydney we stayed at Taronga Zoo. This was my favourite experience on our holiday. Taronga Zoo has an over night stay called Roar and Snore. I will go into this more at another time. It deserves it's own post.

We wanted to go hang gliding when we were south of Sydney but for the the two days that we were in the area there wasn't enough wind to support us. Which we were told was very rare. So I popped hang gliding on the list.

Glebe in Sydney.

Jenolan Caves House NSW

Me in the Blue Mountains

Sydney from Fort Denison 

The other big holiday I went on this year was to Bali. It was my first time there and only my second time out of Australia. The holiday was for a friends wedding and although the holiday wasn't very long it was still very enjoyable.
Bali temple at a resort

Spa room in the resort

Me dressed up for the wedding

Relaxing on my last night in Bali

Starting tomorrow I will be commencing Project 365. 1 photo, everyday, for 365 days. I am really looking forward to this. It is also on my list of things to do before I turn 30. My weekday routine doesn't change much during the year so I will have to try to find different subject matter. I have a few friends also doing Project 365 including a friend who is doing her own 30 before 30.

Other things I am looking forward to next year include going to visit my best friend in Brisbane. She is about to move there and I hopefully will be able to go in the upcoming months. I have never been to Queensland before so it will be an exciting holiday.

My new years resolution will be to save more. I have a lot of expensive things planned for the upcoming years, so saving in the midst of this will be hard. But hopefully I will learn how to be more frugal and less impulsive with my money. Being impulsive with my cash is something I suffer greatly from.

Well I will see everyone in the new year. I hope everyone has a fantastic New Years and I ope the upcoming year brings many joys.

Love, love Elle.

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