Tuesday, 11 December 2012

and Wild Poppy - Fremantle

and from here to Freo
Wild Poppy

As a part of my mission to complete my 30 before 30 challenges I have been building up my cycling, so one day soon I will be able to ride 100km in one day. We chose our next breakfast destination, Wild Poppy in South Fremantle and headed off at 6.45am Sunday morning. The journey along the river took around an hour and a half and was 30km in length. Which equals my longest ride so far, and we still had to get home.

Wild Poppy is a 'Granny Chic' Cafe on Wray Street in South Fremantle. It has a few outside tables, where we sat, and plenty more inside with two lounge areas to relax, enjoy your coffee and read a newspaper. We both decided, after a little too and fro, to have the Waffles with caramalised bananas and yogurt. The plus one and I weren't sure about the yogurt on the waffles, but it was a lot fresher then double cream and helped stop the dish from being too sweet and sickly. I also had a rose milkshake and my hungry companion had a chai milkshake. The waffles came out first and they looked amazing on retro plates. I remember having plates similar to these when I was growing up in the 90's.

Granny Chic!

Light coverings

We had both well and truly finished out waffles before our milkshakes came out. Which is quiet odd since normally cafe's supply you with your drink before the food is ready. After the milkshake we both ordered a cookie each. I had a choc chip macadamia biscuit and the plus one had a choc chip peanut butter one. The biscuits were nice but there was nothing fantastic about them. I also ordered a Perth breakfast tea (T2) which came out in a cute little teapot with a funky cosy on it.


Tea cosy, tea and cookie.

After sitting and letting our bellies settle we headed off in the same direction we came and completed another 30km ride back home. The ride home was a lot harder. The weather was heating up and the wind was a lot stronger. But I am very happy with the fact I have completed a 60km ride and I am getting a lot closer to my goal of 100km. Although I was in a fair bit of pain on Sunday, struggling to walk afterwards and finding it difficult to stand up, the only thing I am suffering from today is a bit of sunburn.

Love, love Elle.

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