Saturday, 17 May 2014

and New Norcia - Part 3

New Norcia - Western Australia Part 3

The way home.

We got moving early, had our breakfast, grabbed some treats for the road and headed on out of New Norcia. To get to Cervantes on the coast, we needed to head in a northerly direction before we could go west. The drive to Moora was really scenic and the town was very cute. Although we didn't, it was just a drive past.

Amazing colours of the countryside.

Cute little church in Moora.

A photo out of the window of the car.

The orange/brown country side.

Driving through Dandaragan.

Realising we missed our turn off, we did a u'ie and went back.

We went past a wind farm as we neared the coast and pulled over for a look.


We finally made it to Cervantes and refueled the car and headed to a lake near by to see some Stromatolites. They are located at Lake Thetis and are 'living fossils'. Microbes built these lumps by the shore and are believed to be the oldest living organisms on the planet. Some are said to be over 3500 years old.


From here we headed south to Nambung National Park to check out the Pinnacles. The Pinnacles are limestone formations which stand up out of the sand, some of which tower over me. The colours were amazing. The grey skies, the yellow sand and the grey pinnacles looked brilliant together.

There is a drive around the pinnacles over the sand or a walk through them. An information and souvenir shop is also located at the beginning of the path. We chose to drive and stopped along the way get out to walk amongst them.

From here we continued along the Indian Ocean Drive and stopped in at the Endeavor Tavern to enjoy the view and have a late lunch before heading home.

The view from the tavern.

My chicken burger.

Well there it is, our mini break exploring some areas close to home. It was a prefect little escape and we saw some beautiful countryside. I can't wait to explore more of my home state and see what else I am missing in my own backyard. Although, I will not pass up an opportunity to explore the rest of the world!

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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