Friday, 9 May 2014

and New Norcia - Part 2

New Norcia - Western Australia Part 2

After lunch, we rested. You cannot get enough rest in such a sleepy little town like New Norcia. Later that afternoon we headed back to the visitor centre and picked up the self guided river tour, which took in a few more of New Norica's sites.

St Josephs and the old Convent.

The Monastery in the distance.

A very dry Moore River.

The Apiary.

St Gertrude's.

The short walk takes you to the limits of the town, past an old piggery, over the Moore River and to the old Apiary, where the monks used to collect their honey. It then takes you past the olive grove, which is still in use to today and past the workshops. We walked back through the town, taking a little bit more time to look at some of the historic buildings as we went.

It was the perfect way to walk off lunch and prepare ourselves for dinner.

Beef and beer pie for me.

My plus one chose the chicken parmigiana for dinner on the second night, and since we didn't order a starter, we had room for dessert.

Chocolate Cake with vanilla bean icecream.

Banana Split Parfait.

We retreaded back to our room for some reading and a game of monopoly. The hotel doesn't have a T.V., so come prepared for some quiet time with books, cards, board games etc. I loved not having the T.V. there, but I must admit, my phone and social media still got a work out.

It was only a short trip to New Norcia, but it was a great little holiday. It was very relaxing and we ate a lot of amazing food. We still weren't home yet though. The next morning we were going to take the long, scenic route home.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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