Sunday, 23 March 2014

and Kettle Cafe - Lathlain

Kettle Cafe

There is something that older areas have over newer housing developments which I think creates an amazing feel to the area. Laithlain has a few corner shops still remaing, some still acting as their original purpose but some have changed function and one of the best reuse for these shops, I believe, is for local cafes. Kettle Cafe is a perfect example of this change. It has taken over a corner shop and created a light and fresh cafe.

We arrived a day after the menu changed to the Autumn/winter selection. Admittedly, I was pretty disappointed that the pancakes were taken off of the menu. They are without a doubt my favourite breakfast choice, so I went for the closest option, the French Toast while my plus one went for the Beetroot and Cumin Rosti Stack in lieu of his usual choice, Eggs Benedict.

English breakfast Tea for one.

Chai Latte

Cinnamon French Toast, blueberry elderflower compote and hazelnut creme fraiche. $16

Beetroot & Cumin Rosti Stack, fried haloumi, pumpkin 
& rocket pesto, spinach with poached eggs. $20 

Adorable wall hangings.

We decided to stay a little longer and try out a few of the display options as well as getting another drink.

Sticky date and walnut slice.

Blueberry and Lime cake with cream.

Ice chocolate.

Mixed berry yoghurt smoothie.

 Ok, now the run down. I really was quite excited about checking out this cafe and the reviews I had read were all really good. But after the no pancakes let down, I wasn't overly thrilled with my French toast choice. The berry compote was nice but the hazelnut creme fraiche was weird and over powered the rest of the breakfast and the cinnamon was barely noticeable.

My plus ones breakfast was interesting but the pesto was a bit strong, the haloumi was rubbery and barely fried and the eggs were over done. His chai latte was nice though.

I wanted to finish on a nicer note, so I chose a cake and slice for the display cabinet and picked the berry smoothie. There is an option for ice cream in the smoothie but I went for the yoghurt for a slightly healthier option but my plus one went all out sugar and chose the ice chocolate. The cake was really nice and I added cream to the order, definitely a good option. The slice was far and away the best thing we picked. It was nice and fudgy and perfectly sweet.

I wouldn't mind going back again when there is a different menu available, but I would try out other cafes first. It just seemed that Kettle Cafe was just trying to be fancy for the sake of it or maybe I and my plus one just have simpler tastes.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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