Monday, 6 January 2014

and this is all up to 365

Days 351-350

Here it is! The final set of photos from my 2013 Project 365 are done. I made it and I am glad it is over, but in a way I will also miss it. I still have my camera in my bag so I don't miss anything amazing, but I won't have to stress about taking a photo. I have started a new project for this year, which I will get into another time.

Day 351:

It was the last week at work, so my department headed to 
Kings Park for a late lunch and a walk around.

Day 352:

I went to dinner with a giant bunch of awesome ladies
and I loved the dessert buffet.

Day 353:

I came across a very random thing just outside of my house.
There was a giant pile of coins on the road.

Day 354:

Work gave out bottles of alcohol for Christmas but I opted for a voucher.
I took that voucher shopping and I am far happier with my clothes.

Day 355:

Christmas lunch with the family.

Day 356:

Waiting at the Terrace Hotel for High Tea with a friend.

Day 357:

My plus one took me out Christmas lights hunting. Hopefully next
year my house will have a few more lights.

Day 358:

A short trip home for Christmas.

Day 359:

My Present pile so far.

Day 360:

Decadent Hazelnut Cheesecake for dessert at my
plus ones house for Boxing Day.

Day 361:

I re-used my old fish bowl and made a terrarium.

Day 362:

Lunch at my mums house. This is Piggy and she is my dog's mum.

Day 363:

Sunday night Cluedo with wine.

Day 364:

I needed to work off a little too much Christmas cheer. 
This is the boxing area at work. There is also a fully
equipped gym to enjoy as well.

Day 365:

New years eve was spent enjoying a BBQ at a friends house.

Here is a collage of all of my photos from the year. All 365 of them.

Not only have I finished Project 365, I have also ticked another item off of my 30 before 30. I am now up to 5 complete with 25 to go. The next yew months, hopefully, will see quite a few more ticks.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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