Wednesday, 24 July 2013

and here we land at 196

Days 183-196

Well the year is ticking past at what seems like a bit of a scary rate. We are most of the way through July now and a lot of the events I thought were ages away, will soon be upon me. Some of which I am not ready for just yet! 

Day 183:

It was my last French lesson for the term and I headed
 for a walk to the water before it started.

Day 184:

I struggled with heading out into the cold for kickboxing, but it paid off. 
I had my own private lesson since no one else in my grade was there.

Day 185:

Planning for Japan next year. I have been flicking through a lot of websites and books.

Day 186:

A gorgeous day for a walk in the park with the dog.
Day 187:

Home made pizza time on a busy Sunday.

Day 188:

Another day, another afternoon walk. I am trying to get as many 
walks in while the weather is still good.
Day 189:

More kickboxing. Grading is only one class away!

Day 190:

It was the first rainy day after we installed a new roof on our patio. 
Dallas loves staying dry but she isn't too happy about the noise it makes.

Day 191:

Dallas was so cold, that when she came begging for food, she brought her blanket.

Day 192:

While I went out to boxing, my plus one stayed home
and made me dinner. It was incredibly delicious.

Day 193:

Dinner with friends followed by amazing desert at San Churro.

Day 194:

I spent half the day baking, getting ready for an afternoon tea at my house.

Day 195:

Afternoon tea time prepared for a lovely group of ladies by my mum and me.

Day 196:

Well it finally happened. After all of that training I finally 
graded to my green belt. This means I can now go into both the 
beginners and seniors kickboxing classes.

Well there it is. My last fortnight. It has been a busy few weeks and my calendar is already pretty full for the upcoming weeks. I am dreaming of a relaxing weekend, but that doesn't seem likely anytime soon.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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