Friday, 19 July 2013

and Brisbane, Australia - Part 2

Brisbane, Australia.

Day 4: New Farm.

On the Tuesday, I woke up early again and trained it into the city with my friend for another day of exploring. I hopped back on to RiverCat and headed the other way along the river to New Farm.

Heading under Story Bridge.

New Farm Park

Power House

The fig tree was so big it needed support to hold itself up.

New Farm-Newstead Bikeway

The Colonial Sugar Refinery which is now apartments

I love the look of the old warehouses

The detail is amazing.

I walked all of the way back to Story Bridge.

Old Museum.

After my long walk, I continued back into the CBD to meet my friend again for lunch. From here I braved the trains by myself and after only getting on one wrong train (it terminated 2 stops in the right direction) I headed to the supermarket for supplies. This was a bit of a chore as well. I missed my turn off and had to head in a giant loop back to where I wanted to go and I was driving my friends manual car. I have my manual licence but I very rarely drive them. I brought supplies and then made my friends a giant batch of Raspberry, Strawberry and White choc chunk Muffins to thank them for letting me stay.

Day 5: The look outs.

On Wednesday my friends plus one had the day off work and drove me to a few places scattered around the city. After a sleep in and a short run (I had to burn off some of the mountains of food I had been eating) we headed to Mt Coot-tha.

Brisbane City from Mt Coot-tha.

Looking out towards the mountains.

While were were on the mountain we checked out Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium then we had a look around the Brisbane Botanic Gardens.

The Japenese Garden.

A cute Bonsai

A sweet little flower by the path.

From here we set off across the city again, this time to Boondall Wetlands where, during certain parts of the year, is fulled with bird watches. It was pretty quiet when we were there and we only saw a few birds.

Following the path.

Following the timber path.

The view from the bird watching hut.

After heading back to their house we changed and headed into the city to meet up with my friend for dinner and drinks. We had a short wander around Chinatown before going to Cloudland.


Cloudland is an interior designers dream. The bar is set across several levels with different themed areas. It felt a bit like a dream with little quirky features hidden around the place. One of the cutest things I found were little butterflies set in resign on the balustrade.

Cloudland off to the right.

Hanging pods.

I found my namesake cocktail so I had to order that.

Looking out from our pod.

A space age looking bar upstairs.

Peacock furniture.

The place was mostly empty when we were there. It was a little early for dinner so we just had a drink and enjoyed the view. My friend and I had a look around, exploring some of the crazy areas. It would be a marvel to see during the day where things would be more visible, but seeing it at night meant we were in the dream. We then found an amazing Thai restaurant then headed into the streets for desert.

I loved Chinatown.

And this Coy!

We finished the night with amazing gelato!!!

The week seemed to fly past and yet felt like it was taking forever! Which I loved! The next couple of days were left mostly open so I stayed up late and did some research and looked through a lot of travel sites and brochures to work out what to do next. 

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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