Tuesday, 4 June 2013

and from here to 140

Days 127-140

The days in these photos have longed since past, so as I write this post and l write the captions, I am already looking back at some fun and busy times. I did a lot of baking and some of the first storms arrived. I traveled home and visited a lot of family.

Day 127:

I was early for French class so I went to the
foreshore and played in the rain.

Day 128:

One of my favourite simple pleasures is laying in front of the TV, scrolling through
my many cookbooks thinking about the next culinary endeavor.

Day 129:

Chocolate free blondies for a girls night in.

Day 130:

The dessert table at the girls night.

Day 131: 

Coy in a pond at the nursery were I brought my
mums mothers day present.

Day 132:

It was mothers day and we had lunch in my nanna's backyard.

Day 133: 

I went on a lunchtime walk past the train yard. I sometimes
wish I had a pretty park next door. But until then
I will walk where ever I can.

Day 134: 

An evening walk through the university before French.

Day 135:

I took my plus one out to dinner for his birthday and
the place was decorated with orange glass.

Day 136:

It was my first boxing class since Easter and the lights
through the trees in the car park looked extraterrestrial.

Day 137:

The vanity window at the pub had some fun shaped frosting on it.
I was a great night catching up with some old friends.

Day 138:

I made my first ever pavlova for my nieces birthday party.

Day 139:

It was my nieces 9th birthday party and we
blew bubbles for the younger kids.

Day 140:

I went grocery shopping on the way home and I brought some
bight red gumboots. So I headed into the street
looking for every puddle I could.

My next set of photos are all ready to post up as well. Featuring heavily is my recent trip to Brisbane. But more on that later.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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