Monday, 17 June 2013

and Duende - Leederville

Duende - Leederville

Well it was my turn to be taken out for my dinner over the weekend for my birthday. My plus one and I are born just under a month apart, so there is a lot of good eating this time of the year. For my dinner we went to Duende in Leederville. Unbeknownst to my plus one the cuisine was very similar to were I took him He didn't realise until we had been seated and given the menus. He felt a bit bad since we love to use this opportunity to try out new places and new cuisine. It will just be another part of our story, so I am ok with that.

The restaurant is an odd shape since it sits on a tight corner. A bar is in the centre of the room with the seating around the outside. The setting was more relaxed than Pata Negra with some spots at the bar and a few out the front. But it was a little too chilly to be outside. It was a Sunday night but the place was pretty busy. Duende has a great, friendly and lively atmosphere.

My plus one had a liqor 43 cocktail - $17
 I had a summer cup - $17

Very pretty colours

We ordered our food in one hit, except for desert, and it all came out in such a rush we barely had time to clear one plate so they could take it away to make room for another. It was a little over whelming but we still had enough time to enjoy each dish.

Baby eggplant, pepperonatta and haloumi - $15
Sweetcorn and manchego croquettes - $14

Grilled chorizo with lemon and bread - $12

Beef cheek, cauliflower and pedro ximenez (white is a type of grape) - $22

Honeyed pumpkin, sumac and minted yoghurt - $14

Pork belly, braised fennel and orange glaze - $20

Then after a short break we decided to order some hot drinks and dessert. 

He had doughnut balls and condensed milk ice cream - $14

I had flourless chocolate cake, orange and hazelnuts - $14

After dessert we headed out to wander a little to settle our stomachs, which had survived a fast onslaught of food. We wandered down the road to the Oxford Street book store. I love visiting the independent bookstores. They always have something quirky in store. After that we walked across the road to Fruity Tutti, a self serve frozen yoghurt shop. 

This is my creation.

We probably didn't need anymore food, since we had dessert a the restaurant, by I love frozen yogurt and it was a perfect end to the night.

Duende was a great little restaurant and although I wouldn't consider it romantic by any means, it would be a great little place to catch up with friends and the pricesare  really good and quality of the food was amazing.

Until next time.
Love, love Elle.

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