Wednesday, 29 August 2012

and so I become fashionable


I have never thought of myself as very fashionable. I have some lovely clothes and I know what looks good on me and what doesn't. But I have always thought of fashionable people as fashion forward, ahead of the trend, or even the trend themselves. Fashionable people are artists with their ensemble.

So I have decided to complete the 31 Day Fashion blogger Challenge to help make me more fashionable. Warning: It may not work. But I will give it a try. 'How would doing a fashion blog challenge make you more fashionable?' you may ask. Well I am hoping that it will allow me to look at my wardrobe differently. I have a lot of clothes. A lot of my clothes look the same and there are somethings that I buy and never wear. So I hope this will help me improve my wardrobe for the better. Hopefully it will also show me if I have any holes in my wardrobe that desperately need filling.

Day 1: Your Wardrobe.

My wardrobe consist of one shelf and rail. In the corner I have hanging shelves which hold my scarves and beanies and a few miscellaneous things. Next to that is a hanging shoe rack. The shelf holds my hats and bags as well as my motorbike gear. Under the hanging section is a shoe rack which has my heals and boots. Then against the wall is this awesome shoe rack I got for my birthday. It holds my flats and some of my kitten heals. My everyday handbag sits on top. Then in my bedroom I have a 5 drawer chest of drawers filled to the brim. I have only just cleared out the bottom draw of my bed side table to make room for my stocking collection. In the spare room wardrobe I have hung some clothes I don't wear but can't get rid of just yet. Finally under my bed I have some plastic tubs holding keepsake clothes.
I'd love to have more space then I do. When my partner moved in I had to hand over part of my wardrobe to him. He got the small shelf though.

Well, that's day 1 down. Only 30 days to go of the challenge.
Until next time.

Love, love Elle.

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